Rising From the Ashes

“James, I haven’t got time for your pedantry.” – Jeremy Clarkson

After a long, long time away from the interwebs, I’ve finally found out that my old favourite domain name of Darkly Dreaming, which I snared back in 2013, was once again available, and as a result, it has returned!

Back then, in early 2013 to, oh, 2015 or so, I forget, it was a Dexter-themed site that varied between promoting the series and a personal blog, but this time around it’ll be returning as what I originally intended it to be – a personal blog. I’m still deciding if it’s worth importing the historic posts into WordPress, because they were hand-written in HTML at the time… and I’ve gotten an awful lot better at writing cogent sentences since then.

There will be some integration going on for a while as I rebuild the Facebook and Twitter links that have long since expired and get the three of them all cooperating again, but eventually I’ll have this rebuilt.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for new content on a hopefully regular basis.